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Why IoT Adoption is Critical to Business Growth

IoT Africa Networks, a foremost provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and services on the continent took the lead once again this year as the platinum sponsor and as an exhibitor in a massive 54 square meters booth showcasing several devices and solutions across six prominent verticals at the recently concluded IoT West Africa Conference 2023 held at Landmark Event Center, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Melanie Ayoola, the Executive Director, Tranter IT & IoT Africa Networks, during a keynote session on Day 1 at the conference shared a lot of insights on the importance of IoT to business growth and emphasized the need for organizations to adopt emerging technologies to solve real-time problems.

She explained that the Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of Internet-connected devices transmitting, collecting, and sharing data. “Internet of Things is helping many organizations, such as business enterprises and companies, by bringing transformational and actionable solutions to the problems that manufacturers, suppliers or consumers are experiencing” she mentioned.

Melanie Ayoola, having delivered a keynote speech at the event, used the occasion to advocate for the increased adoption of IoT solutions among businesses to efficiently manage their operations, maximize resources and assets, optimize costs, and improve work safety.

“The need for IoT solutions has become more crucial with the rise of remote work in the digital age as well as the demand for speedy adjustment to changing market requirements. Organizations that are taking advantage of the massive benefits of IoT usually understand the application of critical operational insights that IoT solutions and devices offer. These insights are used for analysis and predictions, and to address problem areas for better outcomes and performance” she furthered.

On Day 2 of the Power and Water Conference, Melanie, moderated the panel discussion on the topic, “Monitoring Smart Metering and Smart Billing- Optimizing Power and Water Operation Management”. She asked the panelists to share insights on the advantages of IoT monitoring in power supply and grid operations management.

Mr. Dalhatu, the AGM, of Transmission Company of Nigeria took the lead in answering the first question, explaining that IoT provides a smart grid system providing control over the flow of power or curbing energy consumption at significant levels. He added that it further curtails the energy load to match the real-time generation or near real-time and shares receipt of downtime alerts and predictive maintenance.

According to Mr. Dalhatu, the idea of the level of metering and energy monitoring present in Nigerian power and water industries should be of public knowledge and according to statistics, the estimated Power and energy metering as provided by says only 57% of Nigerian electricity customers are metered. However, the statistics for the metering of Nigerians Water consumption is largely unknown.

The Programs Manager, of Nigeria’s Off-Grid Energy Market Acceleration Program, Mr. Adedotun Eyinade, one of the panelists shared with Melanie and the audience ways to achieve energy waste reduction using IoT monitoring on a national distribution level, end-user industrial and domestic level.

He explained further that saving energy with new technologies like the IoT Smart energy grids, which use sensors and IoT devices that can identify and prevent energy losses and optimize energy distribution to minimize waste.

He concluded that a massive cost reduction to the operations freed up the budget for maintenance and expansion using IoT solutions and devices.

Melanie Ayoola concluded the panel session by imploring the audience to embrace the advancing army championing the widespread adoption of IoT solutions and its advancements in the daily lifestyle of society and its positive impact on every individual and business represented on earth.

She added that her company, IoT Africa Networks, is one of the exhibitors in the conference hall showcasing the various IoT devices and solutions that cut across 5 giant industry verticals: Oil and Gas, Logistics, Utilities (Water and Energy Metering), Agriculture and Real Estate

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