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The Digital Oilfields Concept

Digital oilfield is a concept that combines oil & gas business process management with digital technologies to automate workflows for maximizing productivity, reducing costs, and minimizing the overall risks associated with oil and gas operations.

The purpose of the digital oilfield technology is to maximize oilfield recovery, eliminate non-productive time, and increase profitability through the design and deployment of integrated workflows. The integration of IIoT (Internet of Things) in the industry will help optimize the performance of critical oil & gas assets and equipment.

Digital Twins connect the real and virtual world by collecting real-time data from installed sensors. The data is then evaluated and simulated in the virtual representation to optimize performance of the real asset.

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Oil & Gas Condition Monitoring:

Remotely monitor asset performance with IIoT

  • Remotely Monitor & maintain critical oilfield assets.

  • Prevent downtime and operational loss.

  • Make informed decisions with accurate data.

  • Save operational costs.

  • Reduce inefficient & hazardous use of manpower.

Oil & gas companies can now automate monitoring, measurements and processes in remote and unreachable areas. Pipeline, tanks, pressure, flow, etc. can all be monitored using IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) smart sensors. The solution includes IoT devices that are reliable and robust, and provide intuitive software.

Tank & LGP Level Monitors:

  • Get real-time visibility on the level of LPG and other fluid substances in storage tanks at production, distribution and retail points.

  • Increase efficiency by receiving real-time updates on key metrics involved in decision-making.

OleumTech’s Tank Level Monitor remotely monitors the level of virtually any liquid in storage tanks. Proper monitoring and management of level and volume in tanks increase the profitability and productivity of an industry. 

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Flow Meters:

  • Remotely and accurately monitor the volume of oil collected from the vessel to the oil tank farm.

  • Minimize loss arising from inaccurate measurement.

  • Avoid any theft during the oil offloading process.

A flow meter measures the amount of liquid, gas or vapour moving through a pipe or conduit. It measures linear, nonlinear, mass or volumetric flow rate of a liquid or a gas. A flow measurement error of just 0.02% (under what is actually being pumped) will result in the loss of 68 barrels per day. At $40 per barrel, that translates into nearly $1 million per year.

Smart Pressure Transmitters:

Pressure transmitters monitor pressure at different stages in remote data monitoring vehicles including fracturing pumps, blending units, and cementing, wireline and workover trucks.

The H Series Smart Gauge Pressure Transmitter developed by our our partner, OleumTech, is a high performance, reliable, and accurate instrument utilizing the world’s most advanced monocrystalline silicon pressure sensor and patented encapsulation technology. The Smart Pressure Transmitter is designed for use in rigorous industrial applications with robust resistance to chemical exposures, mechanical loads, and EMI.

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Thief Hatch Switch:

Minimize gas emission risk

  • Gain real-time updates on the open/close status of the thief hatch.

  • Get immediate notification of any unintended emission.

  • Minimize emissions risk and penalties.

  • Reduce product loss.

OleumTech’s Thief Hatch Switch is designed to detect when a thief hatch opens and closes in real-time. The thief hatch acts as a pressure safety device on the tank.

Smart Gas Metering:

Optimize your fuel business to the last drop!

  • Super quick, accurate, and real-time leak detection.

  • Exact delivery loss identification factors, causes, value. $6500 loss reduction in 1 month at 10 stations.

  • Precise over-dispensing identification & sales system control. $2000 in 1 month at a station.

FuelPrime, designed and produced by our partner AIUT, is a fuel stock management for petrol stations that improves gas refill service of stationary tanks, benefiting both the end user, and gas supplier. It’s a system that gives you the full control of the fuel flow: from the refinery to the end customer.

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