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Track your assets to optimize the supply chain

Sigfox has broken down the barriers that traditional tracking technology comes up against. Asset tracking is now affordable, easy to install and maintain, and available worldwide. Tracking devices can run for months or even years without a battery change, and they work both indoors and outdoors.
Trackers transmit location data from fleets of returnable containers, as well as valuable information on the whereabouts of other deliveries, including pallets, parcels and trolleys. This offers value chain security, peace of mind and efficiency.


Monitor transport conditions
throughout the entire supply chain

Goods such as medicines and agri-food products must be transported with great care and under specific conditions to keep them viable. Tracking systems report data such as temperature, shock and tilt to provide better insights into quality control, traceability and responsibility boundaries. Tracking ensures sensitive materials are delivered safely, on time and in perfect condition.

Improving food safety

Food temperature monitoring is crucial for anyone in the food industry. IoT solutions can help ensure food safety procedures are observed by accurately monitoring the temperature of food storage facilities and refrigerated trucks and containers. A simple device installed in the storage unit is linked to an online dashboard that can be configured to send alerts in the event of abnormal temperature levels, to trigger swift remedial action.


Improved warehouse security

Sigfox enables business owners to secure their facilities at low cost and also tackles the main weakness of alarm systems - downtime due to jamming. Most security alarms are connected via the Global System for Mobile communications (GSM), but with GSM jammers now widely available on the market, almost anyone can break in. Built on radio technology, Sigfox is resistant to jamming and gives you the peace of mind that your alarm system will not fail if an intruder attempts to jam the signal.

Power supply is another Achilles’ heel for alarm systems. Sigfox technology is designed for low energy consumption, which means connected presence detectors can run for months or even years without replacing the batteries.

Recover stolen vehicles quickly

Car thieves who use GSM jammers have met their match with Sigfox IoT trackers. Because Sigfox uses radio signals that can’t be jammed, trackers will continue to transmit GPS coordinates without interruption, even if the vehicle is stolen.

Sigfox-enabled trackers allow insurance companies to work with security providers and police to recover stolen cars, motorcycles, lorries, utility vehicles and just about anything with wheels.

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