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Top 7 of the Smartest Buildings in the World

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

A smart building leverages technology to energy more efficiently, cuts down maintenance costs, and improves the lives of its occupants. An intelligent building uses systems to monitor energy use and minimize consumption. In recent years, the term has expanded to include structures that consciously use resources like daylight, water, building materials, and many more.

Here are the Top 7 of the Smart Buildings in the World.

1. The Crystal, London: The Crystal was constructed back in 2012. This building cost a hefty £30 million and was the predecessor for many green buildings around the world today. The space was created to showcase Siemens' latest development in green technology and is a testament to its dedication to creating sustainable office spaces.

2. Glumac, Shanghai: Glumac is famous for having the best air quality in Shanghai, a city known for its polluted atmosphere. The building has an indoor air monitoring system that connects to employees' phones and shows them the air quality based on oxygen levels, humidity, and other detailed calculations.

3. The Edge, Amsterdam: The Edge was granted the title of the smartest building in the world by Bloomberg back in 2015. The prime reason is that the Edge connects with your smartphone as soon as you log in, learning your schedule and adapting accordingly. The building recognizes when your car pulls into the driveway and guides you to your parking spot for the day. At the Edge, there are no assigned desk spaces, and your app will direct you to a workspace based on your schedule for the day.

4. Burj Khalifa, Dubai: The Burj also has an efficient air ventilation system that keeps the entire building well-ventilated. The structure also contains nearly 378 solar panels that gather enough power to heat the water in all rooms of the Burj.

5. DPR Construction, San Francisco: They installed an intelligent lighting system to regulate lighting through the workspace and brighten or dim lights depending on occupancy. The building has smart plug strips to prevent electricity from unnecessarily powering gadgets that are not in use. Today, aside from producing more energy than they consume, DPR's San Francisco office can operate at less than $200 per square foot.

6. Allianz Arena, Munich: Popularly called the 'Inflatable Boot,' the Allianz arena is a lighting marvel, and the entire stadium can change colors when required. With over 300,000 LED panels making up the inflatable outer wall of the stadium, the Allianz Arena can produce more than sixteen million subtle colors! Even when it's not in use, the stadium has images or colors to compliment the surrounding urban landscape, enhancing Munich's architecture.

7. Capital Tower, Singapore: This 52-story office building was designed with energy efficiency in mind. The tower has a built-in recovery wheel system that traps cool air and circulates it back into the system. Capital Tower also has an effective condensation system, allowing it to source most of its water from within the building, reducing water wastage. Additionally, the building possesses an intelligent air purification system that monitors carbon monoxide and dioxide levels and changes accordingly.


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