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Top 4 IoT Solutions for Real Estate

The real estate industry confronts many challenges, such as rising expenses due to private and public indebtedness, demand for affordable housing, the infrastructure crisis, and above all, the coronavirus with the restrictions it caused.

Deploying the Internet of Things (IoT) for real estate technology reduces operational costs, improves the quality of life, and due to real-time surveillance, provides additional security. Moreover, IoT makes property management easier with building maintenance analytics.

Internet of Things (IoT) is a cutting-edge technology which, with the help of IoT sensors, connects various physical objects located on real estate properties, providing users with an interconnected way to gather the information that allows property managers to automate various repetitive operations, detect potential equipment flows, and create a more cohesive and informed user experience.

IoT-driven real estate applications help to address some challenges that real estate companies face today.

Some benefits of IoT solutions for real estate include:

•Improving productivity with IoT optimization: If you eliminate the possibility of human error, you reduce the likelihood that something will go wrong with your business.

•Enhancing product and service quality: You will have a better chance of impressing potential clients with high-quality services provided through an application on their phones.

•Reducing product costs: You can reduce the cost of renting a property if you can use an app on your phone instead of a lodging agent. By streamlining the processes you depend on every day, you free up time that your employees can devote to other areas of your business.

•Increasing customer satisfaction and engagement: By introducing IoT technology, you will reach more customers faster. You will also get more positive feedback from customers. Having smart solutions to meet market needs will save you money and time and also demonstrate to your customers that you are at the forefront of technology.

Here are the top 4 IoT Solutions real estate firms can take advantage of:

1. Smart Diesel/Fuel Generator Monitors: These monitors make it easier for you to track remotely and measure accurate levels of the fuel/crude oil in tanks. They also make diesel and fuel monitoring easy, providing visibility to fuel levels, eliminating unnecessary trips to a site and helping plan for maintenance, disaster recovery, fuel refill and against fuel theft.

2. Smart Water Meters: These devices measure and communicate water usage from the consumer to the provider, to facilitate water management and proper billing. They reduce consumption per capita, wastage, leakage, and operational and maintenance costs.

3. Smart Smoke Detectors: Installed in homes, offices, factories, event centres and more, they are designed to communicate lifesaving alerts to your phone or computer when smoke is detected, unlike the traditional ones which only alert the area around them.

4. Motion Detectors: A motion sensor (or motion detector) is an electronic device that is designed to detect and measure movement. Motion sensors are used primarily in home and business security systems and can be used to activate floodlights, trigger audible alarms, activate switches, and even alert the police against burglary, theft and trespass.

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I am into properties business for so many years! So this platform will help us to acquire a good experience.

Femi Aloba
Femi Aloba

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