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Oil-Theft Solution for Industrial & Commercial Usage

The implementation of the Internet of Things (loT) enforces the security of oil during its transportation and has made it astoundingly difficult for thieves to get away with the stolen oil. Different volume-measuring sensors detect even a minute change in its level and alert the concerned authorities immediately.

Through real-time monitoring, a person can track the volume of oil in a tanker and can even detect leaks.

Nigeria lost an estimated $ 10 million to large-scale crude oil theft in seven months of 2022. –Premium Times Nigeria

loT oil-theft prevention system gives immediate alerts to authorities in case oil is stolen, which lets them prevent catastrophic situations.

Our highly scalable solution can detect decreasing levels of oil in various tankers in a tank farm simultaneously.

Features of Oil-Theft Solution for Industrial & Commercial Usage include:

· End-to-end loT solution: A complete oil /fuel theft solution package comprising hardware and software capabilities.

· Real-time supervision and alerts: Monitor live notifications related to the quantity of oil in tankers through real-time notifications.

· Customizable dashboard: The centralized dashboard can be customized according to the personalized taste of the user.

· Highly scalable: Our highly scalable oil theft solution can be implemented in large oil tanker fleets.

For more information, call: 07083557478, 07085801253


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