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Oil & Gas companies Can Save Big with Smart Flow Meters

Oil and gas measurement is the phase along the hydrocarbon supply value chain where exploration and production (E&P) efforts turn into profits for operators, investors, and other relevant stakeholders.

A flow measurement error of just 0.02% under what is actually being pumped) will result in the loss of 68 barrels per day. At $40 per barrel, that translates into nearly $I million per year.

As the world searches for new sources of energy such as crude oil, natural gas, liquid natural gas, and coal, the demand continues to rise for reliable and accurate measurement solutions, and that is where flow meters come into play.

A flow meter measures the amount of liquid, gas, or vapor moving through a pipe or conduit. It measures the linear, non-linear, mass, or volumetric flow rate of a liquid or a gas.

With flow meters, Oil & Gas companies can;

  • Remotely & accurately monitor the volume of oil collected from vessels to the oil tank farm.

  • Minimize loss arising from inaccurate measurement.

  • Avoid theft during the oil offloading process.

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