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IoT Africa Successfully Deploys Oil & Gas Digital Oilfield in Nigeria

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

At IoT Africa Networks Limited (A Tranter IT Company), we provide revolutionary Internet of Things solutions that solve business problems in every sector in Nigeria and Africa.

We specialize in IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solutions that help industries become the most efficient version of themselves. One of our recent successes is big digital oilfield projects. What is a digital oilfield? it is a concept that combines oil & gas business process management with digital technologies to automate workflows for maximizing productivity, reducing costs, and minimizing the overall risks associated with oil and gas operations. The purpose of digital oilfield technology is to maximize oilfield recovery, eliminate non-productive time, and increase profitability through the design and deployment of connected and integrated workflows. The integration of IIoT in sectors and industries across Nigeria and Africa will help optimize the performance of critical oil & gas assets and equipment.

We have been working on forward-thinking projects that will revolutionize the oil field industry, and we are so excited to share this with you.

Accrete Petroleum Limited, a global oil & gas company, came to us with a problem; and of course, we stepped up to the plate. The client needed an innovative way to access pressure readings from their Oil Wells remotely, visualize the data on an Analytics dashboard, and also port the data to a proprietary business intelligence tool.

This was an exhilarating challenge for us as our goal is to solve business problems by making things more efficient, profitable, and easier. To solve the problem, we installed sixty Oleumtech Wireless Pressure Transducers and Transmitters.

IoT Africa is deploying the Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN), which is providing a national infrastructure to facilitate the growth and penetration of IoT and Industrial IoT in Nigeria. In partnership with Oleumtech, we are providing next-generation Pressure Transducers/Transmitters that will help companies to monitor and access vital readings that were previously difficult or impossible to achieve.

This project was deployed at the Oredo Oil Fields in Edo State, Nigeria. The devices were installed on designated Well Heads at the Oil Wells and also at designated points at the client's Flow Station. Our engineers were all hands on deck to make sure that the project was smooth and without hitches.

The deployment took about 30 days to be completed. What drives us as a company is the joy and satisfaction on our client’s faces when projects like these are accomplished. This was no exception!

About Oleumtech: OleumTech® is an innovative provider of wireless M2M communications and industrial automation solutions. OleumTech is a pioneer of the wireless digital oilfield and is a world leader among the best companies manufacturing wireless sensor networking solutions today.

About IoT: IoT Africa Networks Limited is the exclusive Sigfox operator in Nigeria and we are responsible for rolling out the first IoT nationwide network in Nigeria. The IoT LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network), powered by IoT Africa Networks Ltd and Sigfox, is a game-changing digital technology in Nigeria.

About Tranter IT: Tranter IT Infrastructure Services Limited (Tranter IT) is an ICT and Internet of Things Solutions company that provides unified technology solutions to business problems. The company is the exclusive distributor of many IoT Connected devices in Nigeria. Tranter IT was founded in 2004 and has over 340 highly skilled employees, including about 280 ICT and IoT engineers.

For more information, please visit IoT Africa’s website .T: 07083557478, 07085801253


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