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Why your Hospitality Business Needs Smart Energy Management Technology

Smart technology devices come in the form of sensors and receivers, and they show how much energy is being used in a particular space.

Smart hotel energy management technologies are designed to reduce energy consumption in hotels. They make life easier and add versatility to our lives. This technology is centred around efficiency and convenience and leads us one step closer to fully transforming how we live and work.

With smart hotel energy management technologies, you can reduce energy consumption by up to 30%. This can be a massive number that would also help move towards a cleaner and more sustainable planet.

Hotels can be more energy-efficient and sustainable by using IoT and AI-based energy savings solutions delivered by IoT Africa.

Here are key ways

•Smart HVAC Automation: With Smart HVAC automation systems, occupancy sensors detect movements in the room and report occupancy status in real-time to the gateway for the data to process. The thermostat then either turns off the HVAC or changes its settings to a more energy-efficient mode. The automation is completely configurable via a cloud-based dashboard at the building or room level, based on what the hotel requires. A truly convenient factor is that your hotel staff can remotely adjust set point limitations, automation hours, and different energy-saving modes.

•Smart Room Maintenance: Hotels do not only save on energy consumption; door sensors, smart thermostats, and energy meters can help by continuously collecting data on guest room environments such as measuring the room’s humidity level and air pressure and monitoring HVAC energy consumption. These valuable room environmental data points can be analysed and interpreted into trends to generate data-driven insights to enhance your operations.

•Operational Productivity: Your hotel staff can remotely view the hotel’s environment status and control the HVAC settings of any rooms, minimising unnecessary contact with guests while greatly speeding up resolution times of any HVAC complaints.

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