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Why Our Clients Love Smart Solutions

Love is in the air and our clients across several industries have been enjoying a breath of fresh air with smart solutions.

IoT has positively enhanced lives in industries such as oil and gas, real estate, agriculture, manufacturing, construction, and logistics.

1. Why Oil & Gas Industry Love Smart Solutions

Digital Twins for the oil and gas industry, in partnership with OleumTech, connects the real and virtual worlds by collecting real-time data from installed sensors. The data is then evaluated and simulated in a virtual representation to optimize the performance of oil and gas assets. What better way to improve infrastructure monitoring in the oil and gas industry!

Also, IoT tank level monitoring devices have been putting smiles on field engineers' faces, efficiently monitoring storage tank levels and reducing overall engineering installation, maintenance, and operation costs.

2. Why Farmers Love Smart Solutions

In the agricultural sector, IoT-connected smart agriculture devices provide farmers with a simpler, more cost-effective way to keep tabs and stay in control of the health and growth of their crops, livestock, and agribusiness.

The benefits of IoT in agriculture cannot be overestimated as it will enable the industry to increase operational efficiency, reduce waste, as well as improve the quantity and quality of their yield.

3. Why Realtors Love Smart Solutions

Realtors and facility managers face persistent challenges such as rising costs, increasing demand for affordable housing, and the recent restriction challenge caused by the coronavirus pandemic. IoT in property management is helping building owners, tenants, facility managers, asset managers, and real estate agents, by providing them with effective building maintenance and predictive analytics, leading to reduced operational costs, improved productivity and tightened security.

IoT helps keep people and assets safe with real-time intelligent surveillance for building security. It improves lighting efficiency and power consumption and reduces indoor navigation bottlenecks in shops and stores through space management technology.

4. Why The Supply Chain & Logistics Industry Loves Smart Solutions

Containers go missing all over the world and it usually takes months to find them assuming they are ever found. The combination of mobile computing, analytics, and cloud services, all of which are fuelled by the Internet of Things (IoT), is changing how delivery and asset management companies are conducting their operations.

Wholesalers and retailers are now able to use IoT to improve tracking of their goods while monitoring the conditions of said goods. They are now able to follow their goods in transit from production, to warehouses, and to delivery; all in real time.

5. Why Manufacturing & Construction Companies Love Smart Solutions:

In the manufacturing space, the Internet of Things is refining how products are made and delivered. With the efficient monitoring that IoT brings to the manufacturing industry, companies are assured of cost reduction, mass customization, and improved safety.

The construction industry will have access to real-time tracking and cloud-based data which enable site managers to reduce theft, increase productivity and control operating costs.

What industry do you think is yet to feel the love of IoT?

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