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Why Nigeria's Oil & Gas Industry Needs Smart Gas Monitoring

For many decades, industrial leakages have been a major problem in Nigeria's oil & gas industry, causing gruesome accidents, environmental safety hazards, and huge production losses. Unwanted leakages of dangerous gases like propane, methane, butane, and hydrogen produced in large volumes and released into the atmosphere can be catastrophic; as these gases cause chemical fires, lethal explosions, air pollution/poisoning, acid rains, etc.

Oil and gas workers are also susceptible to many unsafe working conditions and toxic gases. This makes Gas Leak Detection a key safety requirement for Oil & Gas operations!

Smart Gas Leak Detection Technology uses sensors to detect explosive atmospheres, poisonous gases, and oxygen deficiency and sends that information to oil & Gas operators within seconds.

This helps to remove threats from hazardous and potentially lethal environments.

A loT-powered Gas Detection solution will help:

-Remotely monitor fuel level, temperature & pressure

-Get real-time visibility on gas production to avoid gas flares & leaks.

-Make better decisions from actionable data.

-Keep workers safe from avoidable hazards such as deadly explosions.


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