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Using Remote Monitoring to Detect Pipeline Leaks

Pipeline leaks can have huge consequences, including safety and environmental risks as well as damage to property and reputation. These are aside from the financial and reputational costs of regulatory fines and clean-ups. Operators must have pipeline leak detection systems that they can rely on to detect leaks quickly, locate these leaks accurately, receive real-time alerts, and work effectively under difficult operating conditions.

IoT-based remote monitoring systems deliver improvements in the safety, reliability, and performance of industrial equipment and products such as fuel. They use real-time data from production assets to reduce unplanned downtime and increase asset reliability.

With remote monitoring, you can:

- Detect pipeline leaks quickly and minimize their impact by reducing product loss.

- Get valuable information about leak size, location, and amount of product lost when a leak occurs.

- Monitor your entire pipeline network with accurate information and quickly detect leaks to prevent any potential disasters.

- Prevent damage to people, property, environment as well as your reputation.

- Track pipeline corrosion and ruptures from abrasive materials.

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