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Smart Smoke Detectors & Your Home

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Are you aware that alerts triggered by traditional smoke detectors may not be heard by enough people or are sometimes completely ignored?

Meanwhile, a smart smoke detector communicates immediately via your phone or other devices and allows you to protect your properties before a major fire outbreak happens.

Some major benefits of smart smoke detectors include:

1. The Ability to Detect Fire Faster: A smart smoke detector picks up a fire much faster than a traditional one. While standard smoke detectors identify situations when there is too much smoke in a certain room, smart smoke detectors go a step further by identifying when a room is too hot or has experienced a dramatic increase in the temperature.

2. Notifications and Alert Services: A smart smoke detector sends out a variety of notifications and alerts to different parties and can be connected to a central infrastructure to notify your local fire department of any incident fire present. Additionally, anyone with an app connected to the smart smoke detector will also be notified of a fire, irrespective of their location.

3. Reliable Battery Life: Often, it is recommended that smoke detector batteries are changed a few times every year. However, when running on a new battery, smart smoke detectors last much longer than regular smoke detectors. Additionally, you can check the power level of your smart smoke detectors at any time through the use of an application.

In addition to these benefits, smart smoke detectors offer the following:

•They have 5-10 years of battery life.

•They are easy to install.

•They are sensitive to light smoke that smoulders before bursting into flames.

•They interconnect with smart home assistants and other smoke alarms.

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