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Powering your Real Estate with Smart Electricity Monitoring

When integrated with data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), a smart electricity monitoring system provides a wide range of services to optimize energy usage, prevent wastage, and reduce energy consumption.


From smart security systems and speakers to lighting and TVs, linking these devices can improve an office or home’s productivity. Users can remotely manage and monitor thermostats, review surveillance camera footage, program indoor and outdoor lights, and more - all without having to leave their workplace—or even their kitchen table. This also saves money on utility bills.

Increased Safety

Through the interconnectivity of smart home technology, and real-time surveillance and monitoring, homeowners can know exactly what’s happening, and receive real-time alerts on any questionable occurrences.

Energy Management

Consider smart outlets to manage auto shut-off for electronic devices such as TVs and gaming systems. Smart LED bulbs enable users to turn lights on and off at certain times for security and convenience. Pre-programming your thermostat to a specific temperature during certain times of the day ensures comfort while cutting down on waste.

Motion Detection

Activating only when motion is detected, this technology saves time, battery life, memory, storage, and energy. Regardless of whether you’re home or away, it notifies you of possible suspicious activity within your home or around outdoor areas.

Leak Detection & Flood Sensors

Receive real-time mobile alerts through your system’s leak detection and flood sensors to avoid costly damage before they happen.

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