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Key Benefits of Digital Oilfield Solutions

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Through predictive analytics, deep learning models, and other data analytics methods, digital oilfields enable oil and gas companies can enjoy benefits such as:

Optimize production: Using scalable solutions at their wells and production facilities, companies gain enhanced asset insights that enable optimal operations, production, and recovery.

Operate more efficiently: Real-time controls, distributed analytics, automated workflows, and more can help companies lower their field operations costs, improve asset performance and reliability, and eliminate unplanned maintenance.

Collaborate across teams: By integrating data across teams and disciplines, from automation engineers to data scientists, digital oilfields enable better collaboration and communication that lead to faster, more informed decision-making.

Enhance health and safety: Through remote operations, fewer site visits, and data-based safety processes, digital oilfields can help companies produce in the safest possible way.

Improve environmental compliance: More efficient field operations, deeper sensor intelligence, and AI-based predictions can help oil and gas companies meet or exceed environmental requirements.

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