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IoT Africa Wins Tech Innovation Award, Advocates IoT Adoption By Businesses

Updated: Apr 13

For our contributions to developing the tech ecosystem in Africa, IoT Africa Networks, the continent’s leading provider of Internet of Things solutions and services, won the Tech Innovation Award at the Tech Unite Africa Conference which took place recently at MUSON Centre, Lagos.

Also at the event where our Executive Director, Melanie Ayoola, was a keynote speaker, she also advocated for the increased adoption of IoT solutions to efficiently manage their operations, maximise resources and assets, optimise costs, and improve work safety must adopt the Internet of Things (IoT).

“IoT-integrated assets provide real-time capability and data that improve decision-making, enhance the quality of services and solutions, and drive organisational growth. This is especially as sensors provide valuable information regarding output, quality, machine conditions, environmental conditions, and so much more.” Ayoola said.

“Forward-thinking leaders are adopting technology in order to utilise all the innovations of IoT and improve their business strategy, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), fully applying critical operational insights to harness key business benefits.

“The need for IoT solutions has become more crucial with the rise of remote work in the digital age as well as the demand for speedy adjustment to changing market requirements. Organisations that are taking advantage of the massive benefits of IoT usually understand the application of critical operational insights that IoT solutions and devices offer. These insights are used for analysis and predictions, and to address problem areas for better outcomes and performance,” she added.

IoT Africa Networks, a subsidiary of Tranter IT, has been the exclusive Sigfox Operator (SO) in Nigeria since 2019. We are currently deploying the Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) to provide a national infrastructure to facilitate the growth and penetration of IoT and Industrial IoT in Nigeria.

Being at the forefront of IoT adoption across multiple sectors on the African continent, we are championing awareness about the benefits of IoT for organisations of all kinds and are also supporting deployments through its extensively qualified engineers.

From greatly enhancing the ability to achieve smart temperature and humidity levels measurement and monitoring, to smart smoke detection, indoor air quality monitoring, smart water metering, diesel level monitoring, to casing pressure monitoring, flex and rigid tank level gauge, flow monitoring, and so much more, there are multiple use cases for IoT in multiple industries including logistics, real estate and hospitality, oil and gas, and agriculture.

Ayoola added that real-time data acquisition refined through custom data presentation formats as well as the ability of IoT adopters to digitally set their standards and parameters for optimised processes and results, and analyse field performance and production under different conditions are some of the various benefits of adopting the Internet of Things.

“One of the layers of IoT for industries is asset monitoring which can help businesses in diverse industries accurately track the exact position of their asset for monitoring and retrieval, improve response time for emergency purposes, reduce theft as the location of personnel and asset can be pin-pointed, and monitor the movement of assets while in motion,” Ayoola said.

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