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Breathe Easy: Introducing Connected AirWits for Enhanced Air Quality Monitoring in Lagos

As reported by The Punch Newspaper, locations such as Shobayo Close, Araromi; NiMet, Oshodi; Banana Island; NIMR Yaba; Mushin; Mende; Surulere; UNILAG Main Gate; and Lagos Island Health Centre recorded an  Air Quality Index (AQI) deemed unhealthy for sensitive groups.

Ensuring healthy indoor and outdoor air quality is paramount for overall well-being, directly impacting productivity and revenue for individuals and businesses. The Lagos State Government recently urged residents to exercise caution due to certain areas' moderate to unhealthy Air Quality Index (AQI).

Addressing this concern, we introduce CONNECTED AIRWITS – an advanced sensor device measuring temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide with an extended battery life. Installed seamlessly, these devices automatically monitor air quality, enabling adjustments to ambient conditions. Leveraging a global 0G IoT-network, it ensures cost-effectiveness, security, and reliability.

Key Benefits of Using Connected AirWits for Lagosians especially:

  • Improved Air Quality Monitoring: Identifies areas with poor air quality, aiding the implementation of pollution control measures for better health outcomes and enhanced quality of life.

  • Regulatory Compliance Monitoring: Keeps track of emissions from industrial sources, ensuring adherence to government standards and allowing for adjustments in outdoor activities.

  • Climate Change Monitoring: Detects changes in weather patterns affecting air quality, helping to understand and mitigate the impact of climate change.

  • Supports Research and Development: Provides valuable data to develop pollution control technologies, aiming to reduce emissions from industrial sources.

  • Health Protection: Identifies and addresses areas with polluted air, supporting actions to safeguard public health from respiratory and cardiovascular issues.

Why Lagosians Need Connected AirWits:

  • Monitor the environment and office humidity.

  • Adjust temperature amid overcrowding.

  • Ensure quality oxygen intake and prevent excessive carbon dioxide.

  • Mitigate against the spread of viruses and airborne diseases.

Utilizing the worldwide low-powered network, Connected AirWits offers low-cost, long-lasting battery life for up to five years. In conclusion, the primary benefit of Connected AirWits quality monitoring is to guarantee the air's safety.

Want to see a demo of this solution?

Call: +234 818 340 5221, +234 902 341 6588

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