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5 Reasons Property Managers Choose Smart Water Metering

To think forward and prepare for the future, as a property manager, you need to change perspectives and say goodbye to old ways. This is also true when it comes to consumption metering – even though it is just a small part of your business. With technology and needs constantly changing, it is time to say goodbye to mechanical meters and hello to SMART METERS.

A typical smart system relies on electronic sensors and bidirectional (two-way) communication networks to read remotely, store, and transfer data for analysis and feedback. The transmitter attached to the water meter uploads the consumption data to the processing server for analysis, billing, and other processes. Usually, the automated meter reading and transmission frequency are flexible and can be daily, hourly, real-time, etc.

Smart meters are the future and here are some reasons:

1. Leak detection

A range of intelligent alarms in smart meters makes it easy and effective to detect leaks, bursts and other irregularities that negatively impact consumption levels. This notification service not only helps the property management save a lot of money in excessive water loss and expensive renovations, it also plays a significant role in avoiding the trouble of rehousing tenants.

2. Pinpoint accuracy

All smart meters are based on market-leading ultrasonic technology, which means that, unlike the mechanical meter, it maintains the same pinpoint accuracy throughout their entire lifetime. Besides measuring consumption from the very first drop and thereby enabling accurate and fair billing, this also significantly improves the quality of the data collected – to the benefit of property management and residents alike.

3. Easy data collection

With its built-in remote reading capabilities, the smart meter enables the data collection from a distance without any extra add-on. This not only eliminates the need for gaining access to the meter to read the data. It also removes the risk of inaccurate or faulty readings and thereby makes time-consuming follow-ups a thing of the past. Time and resources are then freed for other more value-adding activities in property management.

4. Longevity

The measuring principle within smart meters does not involve any moving parts. It is therefore not affected by the wear and tear that every meter is naturally exposed to during life in service. As a result, smart meters not only have a lifetime of up to 16 years. It also requires an absolute minimum of maintenance during this period.

5. Flexible installation

Smart meters can be installed in whichever direction or surrounding is needed because their functionality is not compromised one bit regardless of how or where it is installed. This is thanks to the ultrasonic measuring principle, the hermetically closed design that allows no water or condense enter the meter, as well as our fully automated production that guarantees consistent quality, hygiene and calibration.

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